How to buy the right skateboard?

18 Sep

How to buy the right skateboard?

So, once you have decided to buy a skateboard for yourself, it is important to take into consideration a few things to make the right choice. The width of skateboards is one of the foremost things that need your attention at this time. In case, you are a little short in height like somewhere around 5 feet, a board that has a width of maximum 8 inches would be a good idea. For people with the height of almost 6 feet, the width of their board should be a minimum of 8 inches. The right choice of skateboard would ensure that you feel proportionate and comfortable when you try to stand over it.

Trucks that should be paired with your skateboard are the next thing that should be taken into account. Trucks are also available in varying widths. Turning radius of a skater is shortened if the trucks are wide and the landing over the surface is also quite stable in that case. This trucks are lighter in weight and thereby make it easy for skaters to do their stunts and tricks. Also, when you try to grind or slide alongside any edge with your skateboard by employing your trucks rather than your deck or wheels, you must ensure that main bolt in the truck does not create any trouble for you by sticking up with the grinding surface.

Skateboard bearings also play a crucial role in ride and performance for skateboarding tricks. It is these bearings that are responsible for keeping the wheels spinning while you have stopped to make an effort to push the board anymore. ABEC is the value according to which the speed of the bearing or rather your skateboard is determined.

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

1.Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard
This Penny Skateboard is so comfy and stylish that is fit the price. By playing this Penny skateboard, you will become a pro who could control the speed and movement. It stands on the top of our list because it is an excellent, easy-to-use,  and comfortable.

Atom Pintail Longboard

2.Atom Pintail Longboard

Here is the Atom Skateboard which is very attractive filled with the catchy graffiti that you have ever seen before. This Atom Skateboard is built from aluminum which is very strong and comfortable.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

5.KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC skateboard is very stunning. No matter how you move or jump, this skateboard obviously won’t go the wrong direction. This skateboard has many colors that you can choose toward your interest, and it is highly recommended.